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Good Linux Distros Summary

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Under 50Mb
Distros under 50Mb fit onto a MiniCD or sometimes floppy disks (usually 1.44Mb each). Best in category: Damn Small Linux.

(<1Mb) muLinux
(~3Mb) BasicLinux – Slackware 4 + X + e-mail + presentation
(~3Mb) Mungkie – (aka 2diskXwin)
(~4Mb) Blueflops – 2 floppy graphical web browser
(8.9Mb) Geexbox (Media Center only)
(10Mb) Tiny Core – Linux 2.6 kernel, Busybox, Tiny X, Fltk, and Jwm
(12Mb) Grey Cat Linux – Slackware based with IceWM
(<20Mb) TINY
(~25Mb) SliTaz with JWM
(29Mb) LinuxConsole Micro – GUI IceWM
(<50Mb) DamnSmallLinux – based on Knoppix, but with JWM and Fluxbox
(44Mb) Jinx – with Opera 9, Flash, Textmaker and Planmaker.
(<50Mb) Austrumi – A business card size bootable live CD Linux distribution based on Slackware.
(<50Mb) MeanPup -A live distro based on Puppy
(<50Mb) Mitrax -A live distro based on Slackware
(<50Mb) Luit – XFCE and ROXFile

Under 128Mb
Best in category: Puppy Linux.

(80Mb) LiMP – Linux Media Player turns your PC into a jukebox.
(<100Mb) NimbleX sub100 – Slackware based with KDE (or 69Mb with no GTK or multimedia)
(<100Mb) Puppy Linux – live with JWM (see also eBoxPup, IcePup, LitePup, MiniPup, PizzaPup, SafePup, SurfPup and XPuppyPro)
(82Mb) KioskCD – web browser only
(84Mb) DamnSmallLinux-Not – distro using Knoppix hardware recognition with Abiword and Gnumeric.
(<128Mb) DeLi – Desktop Light
(<128Mb) SLAX Popcorn Edition- A smaller version of SLAX with Xfce
(<128Mb) FeatherLinux – Knoppix based distro with Fluxbox

Under 256Mb
Best in category: Ubuntu GTK1.2 Remix.

(177Mb) TinyMe – based on pcLinuxOS, but with Openbox
(182Mb) Kurumin 6 Light – Knoppix based, with KDE
(183Mb) WebConverger Mini based on Debian Live
(187Mb) Ubuntu GTK1.2 Remix – Ubuntu Hardy Heron for sub 300Mhz PCs
(200Mb) NimbleX – Slackware based with Enlightenment, IceWM, JWM, Fluxbox
(~200Mb) PUD – based on Ubuntu
(~200Mb) Slax – Distro based on Slackware using KDE
(223Mb) TinyFlux – based on TinyMe, with Fluxbox
(230Mb) Kanotix CpxMini, Kanotix, but with Fluxbox
(241Mb) Wolvix Cub
(<250Mb) Featherweight- based on Feather Linux, but with KDE
(<256Mb) Flash Linux- Gentoo-based, initially designed to run off of a 256Mb USB key.

Under 700Mb
Distros under 700Mb fit onto most CD-Rs. These should still run in 128Mb RAM on a Pentium III level machine. Best in category: Fluxbuntu.

(278Mb) AliXe – Slax based with Xfce
(273Mb) Icebuntu – Ubuntu + IceWM (live cd username is ubuntu)
(293Mb) Draco Linux – SLiM login manager + Fluxbox + Xfce
(300Mb) Fluxbuntu – Ubuntu 7.10 based with Fluxbox
(319Mb) WebConverger Maxi based on Debian live
(410Mb) AntiX – MEPIS based with Fluxbox
(440Mb) TheLittleDebian – Spanish
(551Mb) Kanotix Lite with KDE
(614Mb) SaxenOS 1 – with EDE
(626Mb) MEPISLite – MEPIS based with KDE
(633Mb) Crunchbang – Ubuntu with Openbox (and Conky!)
(662Mb) eLive – Debian based with Enlightenment
(673Mb) SOAD – OpenSUSE 11 with Enlightenment 17
(699Mb) SAM – A LiveCD based on PCLinuxOS, but with Xfce.


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